There is a dance class for every child and teen at TopFlight Dance Center. Most of our classes are leveled by skill and/or age. If you have a question about which session your child should be registered for, please inquire with our office staff for appropriate placement.


4:30-5:30pm – Beginning/Intermediate Leaps/Turns

4:30-6:00pm – Advanced Ballet

6:00-7:00pm – Beginning Ballet or Advanced Modern

7:00-8:00pm – Beginning Modern or Intermediate Ballet


4:30-5:30pm – Intermediate Jazz

5:30-6:15pm – Beginning/Intermediate Lyrical

6:15-7:15pm – Advanced Contemporary

7:15-8:15pm – Advanced Jazz


4:30-5:30pm – Advanced Lyrical

5:30-7:00pm – Elementary

7:00-8:00pm – Beginning Contemporary



4:30-5:30pm – Intermediate Contemporary

5:30-6:30pm – Primary Ballet/Jazz

6:30-7:15pm – Beginning/Intermediate Tap

7:15-8:00 – Intermediate/Advanced Tap


4:30-5:30pm – Beginning Ballet or Advanced Hip Hop

5:30-6:30pm – Intermediate/Advanced Leaps/Turns or Beginning/Intermediate Hip Hop

6:30-7:30pm – Beginning Jazz or Intermediate Ballet